Hello world!

Thanks to Rashi for helping me pick out a blogging platform! I’ve never done this whole thing before so this whole thing is kinda neatoooooo.

Happy new year to everyone! I will be updating this blog as frequently as I can (let’s see how lazy I get) about the cleanse I’m starting this Friday, January 6th. For those of you who are curious about it, I learned about it from Himanshu and Mohit, who both did this back in 2010. They learned about it from Dhru, the CEO of the Clean Program, who they met at Jain convention years ago.

I was supposed to do this last January, but it was really hard finding a 21-day window to not drink (pathetic, I know). So now I’ve picked January 6-26th and my first day indulging in tasty treats and drinks will be my birthday! Let’s see how that turns out. I mainly decided to do this because ever since mid-November, my drinking and eating habits were out of control. Between traveling to Thailand, holiday parties, the Kanye/Jay-Z concert, and weddings, I put a lot of crap into my body and I decided it’s high time I need to go through a deep cleaning. Not to mention the unfortunate New Year’s food poisoning experience I had. After 6 weeks of destroying myself, I figure that I should get it together and be a healthy human being for 3 weeks – such first world problems.

Here’s the website of the cleanse: Clean Program. I’m supposed to have a shake for breakfast and dinner, and something from the Elimination Diet list for lunch (salads mostly). This is definitely going to be a challenge – given the fact that I LOVE restaurants in SF and take a huge interest in trying new places, I feel like 3 weeks is a lot to sacrifice. I also feel like going out on weekends and having fun without drinking will be interesting, but I’m going to give it a whirl.

It’s my first resolution for 2012 – here’s to me not getting sick of protein shakes! stay tuneddddddddddd 🙂


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  1. Hey Priya … I thought you’re only supposed to have shakes for lunch & dinner, and the only ‘meal’ you eat is lunch? That’s what I remember Bhavagna telling me, but maybe I remember it wrong?

  2. Antara, I think Clean Program changed it so you have shakes in the morning and afternoon and one light meal for lunch and another for dinner – I usually just have the second shake as a part of my dinner meal!

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