Day 1

I survived my first day of the cleanse! I do have to say, I can’t believe I have 20 days to go. It’s gonna be a LONG 3 weeks. It’s 9:15 pm on Friday night right now and I’m sitting in my apartment, watching a movie, and updating this blog. I can’t believe this is what life is like for health junkies…it’s a weird feeling to have so much time on my hands! I first started off my day by making a shake and taking the 3 supplements I was supposed to. The shake consisted of two powders, ice, and 8 ounces of almond milk. It was pretty yummy! I think next time, I’ll switch it up with some fruit:

By the time I got to work, I was feeling a bit woozy. I think the supplements have weird side effects, and I felt kinda out of it, so I just laid low. I didn’t really participate as much in meetings as I usually do, and I worked a bit slower. It was only 11 am, and I was dying for lunch to roll around the corner. Finally it was 12:15, and I rushed to the cafe to make a salad. I’m pretty lucky that the Facebook cafeteria’s salad bar is stocked with ingredients that allows me to make a salad that followed the Elimination Diet: mixed greens, chicken, olives, onions, shaved carrots, chickpeas, and mushrooms topped with balsamic vinaigrette! It was delicious, filling, and totally hit the spot:

I took two more supplements with the salad and continued with my day. I felt WAY better in the afternoon. After work, I headed straight to Whole Foods once I got to SF. I was on a mission to make a delicious meal for my first dinner of the cleanse. I looked through tons of recipes that Dhru had sent me, and I decided to try the Risotto with Artichoke Hearts. My main takeaway from the night is that people at Whole Foods are SO helpful. Wowzers. We all know I’m a blonde when it comes to cooking, and it was a whole new world to me – I never knew grocery shopping could be so fun! (Yes, I’ve been before to get standard stuff for pasta and mexican meals but that’s a bore). I was actually excited about making this risotto, and I also stocked up on goods for another dish for later this weekend (which consists of wheat-free bread!). Whole Foods is amazing — people are so knowledgeable and know where literally every ingredient in that damn store is – way diff experience than Safeway or Ralphs. I spent a good hour there fascinated by the place and headed home. I blasted Avicii as it took me 45 minutes to cook the risotto (consisting of millet, artichokes, onions, mushrooms, herbs, and organic veggie broth) and finally it was finished. It turned out great, and I ate it along with my dinner shake and supplements. It was a successful Day 1, and I’m pumped for the rest of the weekend! Good night!


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