Saturday night spectating.

All in all, my weekend was fabtastic. I managed to get through 2 full days of being in San Francisco without caving in to any form of beer, wine, or hard alcohol. And ice cream, cheese, and all the other goodies that I unfortunately saw.

I think the main key with the cleanse is to keep yourself is busy as possible so you’re constantly distracted and aren’t thinking about your food and activity limitations. On Saturday, I spent the day with Shephali – we ate burrito bowls at Whole Foods: we got them with brown rice, black beans, lettuce, guac, and vegan cheese — I guess I lied, I did screw up the cleanse, but it was only till after we had eaten that we realized that vegan cheese has processed oil in it! I was pretty annoyed with myself but moved along with the day. Afterwards, we went to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which is an incredibly twisted movie. Back to the food– this cleanse is also a learning process. It’s sooo easy to mess up on little things. You can’t even have regular salt, everything you eat has to be with sea salt, so I have to be cognizant of that moving forward. That night for dinner, we ate vegan lasagnas from Source, an amazing restaurant that caters to vegans and vegetarians across the world. They made mine with garlic sauce instead of tomato sauce since I can’t have tomatoes either (they are acidic). The funny thing is, Sheph ended up liking mine better than hers! The sauce was super tasty — here’s a picture of it, it almost looks like enchiladas with sour cream on top, but that’s just mashed up cashews:

Finally, it was time for the real test: having fun on Saturday night without drinking. I headed to Mamacita (man this restaurant is sooo delicious) because Devang was in town from Tokyo. How much does it suck when you haven’t seen one of your best friends in 3 months and you’re on a cleanse and can’t drink? A lot. It blew. Everyone was dousing their chips in salsa, guac, and queso fundido, my absolute favorite. And then Devang ordered [multiple] rounds of tequila shots. And then Shilpi talked about how amazing her Mahi Mahi tacos were. And Himanshu was engrossed in his cheese enchiladas. And I sat there with my pathetic glass of water and was photographer for the night. After dinner and observing everyone eat and drink their hearts away, I headed to Rahul‘s karoke birthday party in Japantown…all I gotta say is, Indos should not be allowed in karoke bars. Everyone was just getting aggressive- Raj Krishna called me Namu 2.0 (the better version of Namita!), Ravi complained about how he should be cleansing while stuffing his face with pizza, and Neeraj was slurring in my face about how great life is. and no one could sing – rapping to California Love was an epic fail. Overall, at least I had some really good convos with people and my entire night was hilarious, but I realized how much alcohol does add to the mix. Here’s a glimpse of what I observed as Sober Sally on Saturday night:

It felt great to wake up on Sunday morning – did a lot of regular errands, got a pedi, and ended my day by having dinner with Shaan and Krushna. We made spiced chickpeas and ate it on gluten-free bread. On the side, we had a yummy salad that Shaan made with mixed greens and walnuts and some turkey with just a bit of sea salt and pepper. P.S. ladies, these men are both great cooks and single, let me know if you want their digits! Our meal was delicious and light, and a great way to end off the weekend. Good convos and good friends:

Now I’m wondering what else to make this week… I ❤ food.


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