Lentil blues

I came to the conclusion that no matter what, daal is never going to be exciting. It’s just so…. repetitive. That’s the right word for it: repetitive. Anjali Grover, I’m thinking of you and your sentiments about soup right now. Every bite is exactly like the one before, and each grain of lentil tastes so blah. Even if you try to make daal spicy, it’s just not exciting. And then eating it with no yogurt? It’s like cookies without milk, ya know? That was my dinner for tonight, I made extra so I can have it again this week. Well, I guess daal is exciting when you eat it at Amber… but that’s because it’s filled with butter, cream, oil, and who knows what else…and gives you massive stomach problems afterwards. Whoever invented daal must have been bored out of their mind and reeeally could have spiced up their life. LOL. YAY DAAL. HAPPY MONDAY AMIGOS!


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  1. u’re so wrong about daal…there are 5 basic (and many more non-basic legumes) types of lentils, all of which taste different and result in different consistencies, and lentils are like the best platform for a variety of flavors. If you stick to indian, you can go daal tadka, daal fry, daal makhni, palak daal, chana daal, daal soup…you can do it southie style, northie style, punjabi style, bengali style, kerala style…its endless. Then of course, lentil soup can be turned Mediterranean, Moroccan, Italian, Spanish, South American, etc….and i guarantee all of this can be done sans processed foods and trans fats….
    Come on PEEJ…buck up!
    =) whasthees

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