Who’s got it better than us?

I can’t not have a post dedicated to the Niners during this cleanse. Yesterday’s game was epic and it would have been even better if I had gotten the chance to sip a cold beer, but I had helllllzaaa fun anyways!! If I had to say one regret I have about the cleanse, it’s picking the 21 days when the Niners are in the playoffs – I’m so dumb, but it’s too late now. I’ll enjoy this sober, and the Superbowl will be even better for me if they make it. And for those of you wondering if I’m bandwagoning, definitely not- the Niners hold a special place in my heart ever since they won the ’89 Superbowl. I was turning 4 years old that Sunday, the pinata was all set up, chocolate cake with frosting was good to go, but it got no love. Everyone was engrossed in the game and my bday got the shaft. It was a scarring moment for a 4 yr old, but hey- at least the Niners won… maybe I gave them some good luck? Anyhoo, here are a few highlights of the madness yesterday:

  • Vishal punching a hole in his door when the Saints made their last touchdown in the last 2 min… bloodbath, literally (refer to pics)
  • All the guys shotgunning beers after the Niners won… as a friend said: “rooftop shotgun with the niners rising and the sun setting  #glorious”
  • SF was gorgeous and the streets were crazy… god i love the city.
  • I finished off the day with a shake and grilled chicken from the Plant Cafe. YUM…kinda… 11 more days and counting!! 🙂

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