Day 12: Fun polls!

I can’t believe it’s already day 12 – time flies by so fast! A lot of people have been asking me lately how I’ve been feeling, if this cleanse has any effect on my weight, if I get hungry, etc. In summary, I obviiiii get hungry. Gosh there are so many times when I’m like “eff this salad” and I’m staring at the cheese pizza in the cafe. I REALLY miss cheese. Anyways, I think I’ve probably dropped a little bit of weight but I guarantee I’ll gain it all back once I’m off the cleanse. I never did this cleanse for weight loss reasons to begin with – I just wanted to test myself and be healthy for a few weeks because of the November-December ridiculousness. Overall, I feel so much better about myself and I’m getting to do things I really enjoy doing – reading, re-decorating my room, going to museums, etc. I haven’t talked much about that in my blog so far, but those are all things I’ve gotten a chance to do – oh and I’ve learned so much about food and have cooked up a bunch of new things, which is exciting for me! Feel free to email me or ask me any questions about it, I’d be more than happy to talk about my experience so far. Since I’m halfway through this process, I’ll end this post with a few questions. Help me out by answering!


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