Testing the Limits

Man did I test my limits this weekend! I figured that since it was the last weekend of the cleanse, I should go all out. The only thing I really have left to do is go to freaking Vegas and be sober and eat leaves, but that’s just a waste of time and dinero, let’s be honest. And that would just be depressing and a buzzkill for everyone else. Here’s what sums up my weekend:

Saturday: Went on a 7-hour Napa trip on a party bus for my roommate, Anne‘s birthday. I only decided on this the day before because I had a free day and thought it would be kind of fun. Bad decision? Hell yeah. It blows when everyone else is drinking champagne and taking shots on the way up to Napa and then is happily wine tasting at all the wineries. I didn’t have a drop of liquor; instead, I purchased a case of wine for $85 – what a steal. Everyone that tried this wine was ranting and raving about how good it was, and the woman said it goes great with spicy food (which I love), so I made an impulsive purchase. Set for wine for 2012! Regardless, I’m glad I went because Napa is just the best, but I wouldn’t repeat that over again in my restrictive stages. 7 hours???? my god..

Sunday: Patriots-Ravens game and then the Niners-Giants game at Public House. The atmosphere was a BLAST and we parked it there for a good 6 hours. Well, Neeraj and Vivek were trashed when I got there because they’d been staking out tables since 10 am. (Thanks boys!) Whenever everyone took a shot to a touchdown being made for one of the teams they were going for, I cheers-ed with my glass of water. All I know is that the Niners loss was super, super bumming. The bar was so quiet when we left – tough loss for SF, and I haven’t even called my parents yet because I know how sad they must be. 😦 Ashwin and Himanshu convinced me to come to the Wutang Concert after to cheer me up – this was for sure one of the most ghetto concerts I’ve been to (and that’s saying a lot). I don’t know how I survived all these things with just water and my supplements all day, but I was determined to get through it.

Feeling mentally sharper: The nice thing about this cleanse is that you feel mentally sharper everyday. Me and Namita were talking about this, and it’s totally true. I have so much energy throughout the day to make it to everything, and it’s an awesome feeling. Even at work, I feel like my performance has been better, and I feel so awake at all times. Not to mention that I think my hair and skin feel a lot healthier. It’s crazy how alcohol and unhealthy food take a toll on your body. At Public House, I remember looking at people’s fries, nachos, onion rings, etc., and obviously they’re yummy but it actually looked a little disgusting. I wasn’t too jealous and really had no desire to eat any of that. I was happy with my burrito bowl that I got after the game and before the concert.

I can say I’ve really tested my limits with this cleanse and have put myself in difficult situations. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to do this!:


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