Vegging Out

Tonight was fun! I did a lot of ‘Priya’ things and really feel like I got shit accomplished. I mixed a bunch of veggies together and sprinkled some taco seasoning on them and ate it inside a gluten-free tortilla along with my shake. I’m getting a little emo about my shakes and supplements, I must say. I have exactly enough supplements left for the rest of my meals… what am I going to do when they run out?! It’s sad parting with them after 21 days… this journey that I’ve occassionally b*tched about is coming to an end, and it’s a weird feeling. What am I going to with all my time?! I guess start doing the norm that I did before this cleanse?

Anyways, after I ate my yummy wrap and shake, I watched an episode of 90210. It was JUICE tonight. Not as juicy as last week, but I get so pumped about it. Poor Naomi, she’s really grown on me. I wonder what kind of cleanse she’s on because seriously, she has a smoking’ bod. I’m jeally. After that I was stoked because I got my shirt for Friday in the mail!!! NOT posting pics, you’ll just have to wait and see the fun at Bullitt πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I also decorated my room after eonssssss – I hadn’t changed the picture in my frames since ’09 so it felt really good to finally do that. It was also pumping to hang up my Depeche Mode and MJ posters that have been sitting around for months! Honestly, if I wasn’t on the cleanse, I would have gone to drinks tonight for happy hour at Press Club and for sure would have hands-down been unproductive.

Cleanse = Productive feeling. DO IT! You’ll learn a lot about yourself, I promise! Tonight was an awesome night to myself – I need more of these I decided. Now off to read Shantaram!


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