House Music All Day Everyday

Avicii. Sebastian Ingrosso. Swedish House Mafia. Morgan Page. Skrillex. Deadmau5. Tiesto. Calvin Harris. You guys are all amazing, and I can safely say that you’ve helped me get through the last 3 days of the cleanse. Listening to house music is hella addicting, so for those of you who haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. It’ll help your work days go by so much faster, not to mention working out. Running to that shit is a huge adrenaline rush. The last 3 days have made me even more pumped about Coachella 2012 GOSH I’M SO excited and I just can’t hide it. Naveen (yeah don’t ask, his FB name is Nav Icii, he thinks he’s Avicii pt 2) made this awesome playlist and gave it to Ashwin who was kind enough to upload it onto Dropbox for me. (Dropbox is so key by the way – so clutch for sending music.)

When I got up to get water in the middle of the day at work, I didn’t want to part with the playlist so I just walked around the office with my iPod in hand listening away. Kinda obnoxious when someone’s trying to talk to you, but oh well. I was starving because the turkey sandwich on gluten-free bread that I made for lunch tasted worse than airplane food. I hate airplane food, even Singapore Airline’s. (But their signature cocktail, the Singaporean Sling is a GOODIE.) Anyway, isn’t plane food so nauseating? I get so frustrated when the stewardesses come around and keep asking you if you want more food and it’s like NO I don’t want to smell that stuff and feel queasy for another 30 minutes. Ok so, I digress, but you can imagine how gross my sandwich was. So I kept up a positive attitude and figured I could eat something from our micro kitchen… I headed over their with house music blasting in my ears, and low and behold, I could only eat almonds. Although that was really saddening, it luckily filled me up and did the job… Look at these pictures. There was not a single beverage or snack I could eat except plain almonds – not even the toasted ones because they have salt on them!:

That was my day: morning shake, nauseating turkey sandwich, almonds, shake + brown rice/daal. On the bright side, I went to Trader Joe’s and stocked up on frozen pizza, NON-gluten-free tortillas, and cheese. Life is looking pretty exciting in the next 48 hours!


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