I’m done!!! I kinda can’t believe it. It’s 11 pm on Thursday night right now, and I’m kinda bummed… I don’t have to wake up tomorrow morning and make myself a shake and have a supplement. I couldn’t even if I wanted to because I ran out of supplements today. They’re all gone, and I was a little emo about this:

Last supplements!

Anyways, I have lots of reflections to go through. Here are some FAQ’s:

How do I feel about myself now that the cleanse is done? I feel fantastic. Just like I had said in a previous post, I felt mentally sharper everyday. I had a very productive January and did a lot of stuff work wise that I was happy to accomplish that I don’t think would have happened otherwise. I never felt full when I went to bed, it felt great to wake up on weekends and actually do a ton of stuff with my day because I wasnt busy hungover. I learned I can have fun without drinking, which is huge. I learned so much about cooking and food, which was exciting for me. I learned that this cleanse is about discipline. If I can do it, so can you – I’m a huge foodie and I love chocolate, so this was a lot for me to handle. I learned that most people our age living in a big city pretty much destroy themselves, and you’ll totally benefit from this cleanse. It’s scary to think about it being 21 days, but really, you’ll get over it – there is always going to be someone’s birthday or some event involving food/drinks but this experience is worthwhile.

Will I change my lifestyle moving forward? I totally think I will for a bit at least! I was talking to Bamz, and we think we want to try following the Elimination Diet at least on the weekdays. No carbs, no dairy as much as we can. I’ll definitely go back to eating oranges and tomatoes and whatnot, but I think I want to try to be as healthy as possible M-F. I also have a better idea of what I’m going to avoid a lot, i.e. lots of starches, excessive cheese, and a lot of bread. I know most of you are thinking that’s obvious, but for me, I love carbs and this cleanse helped me realize that it’s important to cut those out as much as possible.

Did you work out when you were on the cleanse? I realized I always forgot to answer this question, and it’s a good one! I should have add a whole post about Equinox. I compleetelyyy forgot! I did work out a few times, but I was kinda low on energy so steered away from the gym. I was already dropping a bit of weight and felt weak overall, so I avoided it mostly to be honest… but I can’t wait to get back to it on Monday. I’ve missed it a lot.

Advice/tips for doing this cleanse in specific? a) Pick your 21 days. Face the facts and know that you won’t be able to enjoy some kind of social gathering but you will get over it. b) Clean Program is all about preparation. You can’t just go home and be like “what am I going to eat tonight?” because you’ll realize you can’t eat a lot of things that comply with the diet. I usually made daal, my taco mix, risotto, etc. at the beginning of the week and then used it for a couple days which saved me a lot of time. Save time in the morning to make shakes, and carry your supplements around with you. c) Have a positive attitude. Know that it’s not going to be fun all the time but power through it. You’ll be happier if you just know it’ll be worth it at the end, but don’t get upset in the middle.

What’s your first meal off the cleanse going to be? I don’t know, help me decide!:

Overall, this experience has been phenomenal and I’m so glad I did it. Now I need something new to challenge me… I’m welcome to ideas and suggestions. I’m thinking maybe a tough mud run or something, definitely physical activity oriented!

SO pumped about tomorrow and the visitors coming into town 🙂 and of course, BULLITT time!! I will make my last post on Monday pictures from tomorrow night so we can see all the excitement from the cleanse and how it’s over =)


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  1. Congrats! Hope you keep some aspects of the diet up on a regular basis, def not so strict though!

    I just started a cleanse this week…not as strict as yours but it is still tough. No desserts has been tough for me and I have found it difficult to find good breakfast foods cause I am so used to eating yogurt, milk, eggs. I do feel good so far!!

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