I <3 27

This weekend was Sooooo fun!!! Thank you to my lovely friends who made this weekend awesome – I think this was literally my best bday ever. Huge thanks to Bamz for the theme idea (and for flying up with Victor and Mira), it ended up being awesome. Some highlights:

  • Downing two bowls of mac n cheese at Bullitt – thanks to those of you who fed me (Shilpi, AK, Ami, Nidhi), and thanks for not taking a picture. i felt like shit the next day until 3 pm.
  • Nick Soni‘s amazing shirt: I love Fremont Chicks is GENIUS
  • All the amazing food in general from the weekend — Beej‘s cupcakes she sent, el torito, marengo, and LITTLE STAR. i think i de-cleansed myself in just 2 days.
  • Blasting house music and driving through SF with Nav and Shwin. for some reason this made me feel in my element.
  • Neeraj‘s clutch comments throughout the weekend – “Even my dadima knows beer pong rules better than you guys” directed at me/Mira
  • epic dinner on Saturday night. Luisa’s in the Marina hates us – the food is the bomb.com, hopefully I can go again

Check out pictures here! This is my last blog post ever. Hope you enjoyed the past 3 weeks. This is just to give you an idea of how to celebrate the end of a cleanse: http://on.fb.me/wOczd9

amazing. end of story.


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