House Music All Day Everyday

Avicii. Sebastian Ingrosso. Swedish House Mafia. Morgan Page. Skrillex. Deadmau5. Tiesto. Calvin Harris. You guys are all amazing, and I can safely say that you’ve helped me get through the last 3 days of the cleanse. Listening to house music is hella¬†addicting, so for those of you who haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. It’ll help your work days go by so much faster, not to mention working out. Continue reading



BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY AQUARIUS BUDDY, RASHI BIRLA! Only 3 more years until we celebrate together again – yaaaaaaaa 30! Here’s to our 10 year anniversary of our first birthday party together, which ended up being disastrous!

Back to the cleanse: only 3 days left – YAYyYyYyYyY! Technically, my cleanse ends Thursday night with my last meal. Is it cheating if I hit up Bullitt that night for some mac ‘n cheese and a drink? I’ve gotten so used to this cleanse lately that I can’t believe I’m on day 19 already tomorrow morning. That went by so fast. I don’t really have much to post about except that I’m soooo pumped about this weekend. So close to being done with supplements, shakes, and more. I can’t wait to get back to normal food like bread, pastas, etc. I’m going to bed gniteeee.