Who’s got it better than us?

I can’t not have a post dedicated to the Niners during this cleanse. Yesterday’s game was epic and it would have been even better if I had gotten the chance to sip a cold beer, but I had helllllzaaa fun anyways!! If I had to say one regret I have about the cleanse, it’s picking the 21 days when the Niners are in the playoffs – I’m so dumb, but it’s too late now. I’ll enjoy this sober, and the Superbowl will be even better for me if they make it. And for those of you wondering if I’m bandwagoning, definitely not- the Niners hold a special place in my heart ever since they won the ’89 Superbowl. I was turning 4 years old that Sunday, the pinata was all set up, chocolate cake with frosting was good to go, but it got no love. Everyone was engrossed in the game and my bday got the shaft. It was a scarring moment for a 4 yr old, but hey- at least the Niners won… maybe I gave them some good luck? Anyhoo, here are a few highlights of the madness yesterday:

  • Vishal punching a hole in his door when the Saints made their last touchdown in the last 2 min… bloodbath, literally (refer to pics)
  • All the guys shotgunning beers after the Niners won… as a friend said: “rooftop shotgun with the niners rising and the sun setting  #glorious”
  • SF was gorgeous and the streets were crazy… god i love the city.
  • I finished off the day with a shake and grilled chicken from the Plant Cafe. YUM…kinda… 11 more days and counting!! 🙂

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Food or Alcohol?

I had a ground-breaking thought in my head last night: would I give up really tasty food or alcohol for the rest of my life? Honestly, if you asked me before this cleanse, I think I would have said food but I’m not so sure anymore. Friday night was quite an interesting experience for me. It was Shephali‘s birthday and the plan was to go to dinner and then out afterwards. I thought I’d join everyone at dinner, head to the lounge for 30 minutes, 45 tops, and then leave. However, I ended up staying until 1 am, which was wayyy longer than I expected. I had a BLAST sober observing the Continue reading

Too Happy

I’m so happy I could eat gluten-free pasta and do this cleanse everyday until Coachella 2012 if I needed to. Ok, yeah right. But this is a fantastic Friday. I’m not even dreading the raw Facebook salad I’m about to eat for lunch today because I got Coachella tix!! Huge props to Victor for this… It’s gonna be super epic, lineup is awesome. Continue reading

Sister Sister

One piece of information I’ve forgotten to mention so far is that Bamz is doing this cleanse too. We both bought our kits right before New Year’s so we could motivate each other while she’s in LA and I’m in the Bay. Talking to her everyday is a hoot. As most of you know, Namita’s known for her comedic nature in general (note: check out the first minute of Natasha‘s wedding dance here. I think Shilpi watches it whenever she’s in a bad mood.)

For the past week, she’s been acting like her life is over and she’s some damsel in distress. Look at what Victor and I have had to deal with:

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Nutritional Yeast? Sketched out, to be or not to be??

My meal was healthy and interesting tonight! Made fresh pesto with gluten-free pasta. I’m not sure about gluten-free pasta – the texture is a little rubbery, weird. Nonetheless, it filled me up and I had it with a bit of quinoa salad. Here is the pesto recipe for those of you who are curious (just blend it all together, and wa-la, you’ll have healthy pesto): Continue reading

Lentil blues

I came to the conclusion that no matter what, daal is never going to be exciting. It’s just so…. repetitive. That’s the right word for it: repetitive. Anjali Grover, I’m thinking of you and your sentiments about soup right now. Every bite is exactly like the one before, and each grain of lentil tastes so blah. Even if you try to make daal spicy, it’s just not exciting. And then eating it with no yogurt? It’s like cookies without milk, ya know? That was my dinner for tonight, I made extra so I can have it again this week. Well, I guess daal is exciting when you eat it at Amber… but that’s because it’s filled with butter, cream, oil, and who knows what else…and gives you massive stomach problems afterwards. Whoever invented daal must have been bored out of their mind and reeeally could have spiced up their life. LOL. YAY DAAL. HAPPY MONDAY AMIGOS!

Saturday night spectating.

All in all, my weekend was fabtastic. I managed to get through 2 full days of being in San Francisco without caving in to any form of beer, wine, or hard alcohol. And ice cream, cheese, and all the other goodies that I unfortunately saw.

I think the main key with the cleanse is to keep yourself is busy as possible so you’re constantly distracted and aren’t thinking about your food and activity limitations. On Saturday, I spent the day with Shephali – we ate burrito bowls at Whole Foods: we got them with brown rice, black beans, lettuce, guac, and vegan cheese — I guess I lied, I did screw up the cleanse, but it was only till after we had eaten that we realized that vegan cheese has processed oil in it! I was pretty annoyed with myself but moved along with the day. Afterwards, we went to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which is an incredibly twisted movie. Back to the food– this cleanse is also a learning Continue reading

Day 1

I survived my first day of the cleanse! I do have to say, I can’t believe I have 20 days to go. It’s gonna be a LONG 3 weeks. It’s 9:15 pm on Friday night right now and I’m sitting in my apartment, watching a movie, and updating this blog. I can’t believe this is what life is like for health junkies…it’s a weird feeling to have so much time on my hands! I first started off my day by making a shake and taking the 3 supplements I was supposed to. The shake consisted of two powders, ice, and 8 ounces of almond milk. It was pretty yummy! I think next time, I’ll switch it up with some fruit:

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One more day till my cleanse starts! I think I really effed up my Smoothie Jr. machine (woops) since there was smoke coming out of it a week ago so I need to go buy a new blender after work today. I also need to go to the grocery store and stock up on coconut water and almond milk for the breakfast and dinner shakes. Below is the Elimination Diet chart that includes all the food I can/can’t eat. If anybody has some ideas of what I can make for lunch, please comment below! Everytime I see ‘chocolate’ in the EXCLUDE section I become Bummed Betty all over again 😦

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